House Rules


(A lot of this was for caster/non caster balancing)

Class Change
Barbarian Add Spot to class skills. DR starts at level 3 +1/4 levels
Cleric d6 HD (Only if they have full casting)
Druid d6 HD
Fighter d12 HD
Monk d10 HD, Full BAB
Paladin 4 skill points
Ranger d10 HD. Add Balance, Gather Information, and Tumble to class skills
Rogue d8 HD
Samurai d12 HD. Improve TWF 6/11/16
Ninja d8 HD. Good Will saves
Scout d10 HD. 6 base skill points. Full BAB, Good Fortitude and Reflex saves
Swashbuckler Add Appraise to class skills

(Rule of thumb: Full BAB- d10 or d12 HD, 3/4 BAB- d6 or d8 HD, 1/2 BAB- d4HD)


Dodge- Static bonus
Weapon Finesse- revised prerequisites: +1 BAB or d8, d10, d12 HD

New Feats:

Improved Weapon Finesse- Dex to melee damage (Weapon Finesse as prerequisite)
Track- Prerequisite: Survival 5.

Style Feats:

Granted at Levels: 1, 5, 10, 15, 20

These should be situational feats or feats that require set ups. Niche feats that people wouldn’t choose just because it’s good. Feats that people have clearly invested their theme in. For example. Weapon focus and Weapon Specialization are not available. Weapon focus is simply a +1 (a strict bonus that anyone could benefit from) and since Weapon focus is a prerequisite for a lot of classes, those who have it would take Weapon Specialization if it were free.

These feats are analyzed on a case-by-case basis and the list is subject to change depending on the character build.


Below are some samples that qualify for style feats, all of the samples are taken from Complete Warrior.

Arcane Strike

Available because it includes a sacrifice. You sacrifice a spell for a bonus on attacks and damage

Arterial Strike

Available because you sacrifice sneak attack damage for damage over time

Axiomatic Strike

Available because it’s only available to monks of at least 10 level and it only applies situationally.

Clever Wrestling

Grappling is your style and it doesn’t come with direct damage, it just facilitates your style

Close Quarters Fighting

Available because it’s situational. It only triggers when you get grappled and that’s not something you can force

Untrained Skills

Can perform at a -10 penalty.

House Rules

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