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The Glory of Eleran

Eleran was a land that was once strife with war and chaos. Six major factions warred and fought for power and dominance, they were the major nations that exist in Eleran today: Berynn, Drogosz, Ellumina, Ragnis, Sarn, and Zerua. Historians are still unsure of the cause of the Great Wars, however, it is theorized that Sarn gave the initial spark, causing Ragnis to lash out and expand.

Very few historical documents exist from before the Great Wars and even during them. Libraries and administrative buildings were burned and plundered. One of the oldest surviving documents in existence is the Hadin Mer, a unifying peace treaty. The Hadin Mer was the result of a series of battles that led to the deaths of over a quarter the civilian population in Eleran. Zerua was the main author of the Hadin Mer, but each nation signed it.

The Hadin Mer locked all nation borders and created Valtir, a central province that would govern over Eleran, providing guidance to each countries. Under the Hadin Mer, countries agreed to not wage war against each other. There was no prohibition against minor skirmishes, but no large scale warfare was to be allowed. Additionally, each nation agreed to give a gift to the others in apology of the war and a sign of good faith for the future.

And Eleran flourished. The peace ushered in an era of great economic and cultural growth. No longer focused on war, the nations were free to pursue their own interests. Mercantilism rose and Eleran soon became a prominent power to the world at large.

512 H.M.

The peace survived for over 500 years. Peace was still present, and yet tensions mounted. Ragnis and Zerua slowly begin to have political squabbles as their interests clash. Valtir continues to be little more than a figurehead, providing no real guidance or retribution for wrong acts.

Now, assassination attempts are becoming more common. The nobility grow suspicious of each other and the Great Game of Houses spark up in almost every nation. Each faction vying to get power and influence over the other. Nations have become weak and stale from a lack of vigor.

A small motley band of people get caught unexpectedly in a large spiderweb of plot and intrigue that envelops Eleran. They are forced to decide how to save their friends and loved ones, or watch as Eleran burns itself to the ground…

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