Drogosz is primarily composed of dwarves. They are a hardy and resilient people. Many of their cities and towns are located either underground or close to mountains. The Dwarves of Drogosz do not typically take strangers into their fold. They are warm and allow foreigners to come and go as they wish. However, one cannot be considered a true Drogosz unless born in the mountains.

Drogosz is the most secluded country in Eleran. The heart of Drogosz is heavily defended by natural terrain that stops all but the most resilient armies. Their cities were placed in strategic passes to halt enemy advances.

Political Structure

Drogosz, like several other nations within Eleran is a true monarchy. The king passes down the royal throne through the male line.


The Drogosz Dwarves have always been fascinated by gems and jewels and sparkling things in general. They delved deep into their mountains hunting for precious stones. The dwarves have a natural proclivity for stone and masonry. As such, their architecture is the best in Eleran. Each of their cities is breathtaking and majestic in its own right.

The Great Wars

Drogosz fought in several major battles during the Great Wars. Their natural fortifications allowed them a defensible position. They did not need to waste a large amount of manpower to defend their cities. Only a small number was needed to defend the mountain passes.

The Dwarves sustained minor losses during the war. Most of their battles were fought defensively, where Drogosz clearly had the upper hand.

The Hadin Mer

The Dwarves from Drogosz sent two representatives to the meeting that decided that Hadin Mer. Drogosz were one of the few more neutral voices during the peace negotiations. Fighting a defensive war, they did not sustain many casualties and so their opinions were not very strong one way or another.

As a gift, Drogosz helped each major nation build their capital city.

The Breaking

After the Hadin Mer, Drogosz remained close allies with Ragnis. Their close borders ensured numerous trade routes between the two nations. Many of the routes themselves had portions that spread to underground networks leading past the mountains. The secrets of these trade routes were revealed only to a select few merchants.

The proclamation of war from Zerua came as a shock to Drogosz. They had not expected Zeruans to be the ones to restart a war, being the most diplomatic of the nations. Ragnis did not hesitate to send envoys to Drogosz in order to curry favor with the nation’s king. Drogosz soon accepted the alliance, opting to defend the spirit of the Hadin Mer. In the eyes of Drogosz, Zerua was the first to break the Hadin Mer by proclaiming war, not Ragnis. Despite the provocations of Ragnis, Drogosz believed that Zerua should not have risen to the provocation.

Drogosz’s army currently stands with the Ragnisian alliance on the Plains of Valhas.


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