Berynn is inherently the most diverse nation in Eleran. While most nations see a diverse wandering population, Berynn has the most diverse citizenry. Anyone is welcome to the nation of Berynn, as long as they have the thirst for knowledge and study.

It is largely comprised of Humans, Elves, and Half-elves. There are various other races that claim Berynn as their nation, but these three are the major races. It is perhaps the least discriminatory of all six nations due to its diversity. The citizens of Berynn are more concerned with unraveling the mysteries of magic than of claiming racial superiority.

Political Structure

Berynn is ruled by a true monarchy. The royal throne is passed down through the male line.


Berynn is known far and wide as The Nation of the Planes. They are best known for their work and research in magic. Any aspiring scholar is all but required to study at the Universities and Academies in Berynn before being accepted into the academic fold. The Berynnites are known to be generally more intelligent than even the Ellumians. The Elves of the Ellumina forests do not have libraries that compare to those found in Berynn.

The Great Wars

During the Great Wars, Berynn fought only when attacked. They only ever retaliated, never going on a full offensive. Even during war, the Berynnites did not want to trouble themselves with the mundanity of political wars. They had no reason to expand, but they also would not give up the land they owned.

Berynn’s technological prowess during the Great Wars was frightening to behold. Their superior weaponry and armor changed the tides of militaristic war for eras to come. Their quickness and innovation is what allowed Berynn to survive in the war, despite being relatively docile.

During the later years of the Great Wars, Berynn was left in relative peace. Showing a frightening power in the early and middle years, the other nations learned to keep away from Berynn. The success rate of Berynn was the highest in the war, although they did not participate in nearly as many battles.

The Hadin Mer

After the Great Wars, Berynn truly flourished. With the nations no longer bickering and fighting over land and resources, Berynn received many immigrants wanting to become scholars and engineers. Berynn was able to make great technological strides as a result of this influx of new ideas.

Berynn retained close ties with its strongest ally, Zerua. They would often send diplomats to each other and send frequent gifts. Berynn shared most of its advances with Zerua first, often at a lower rate than with other countries. Berynn also interacts frequently with Kynis and Trusis.

The Breaking

The first ally that Zerua sought after The Breaking was Berynn. Unfortunately, the diplomat that were sent to Berynn initially had to wait, as their King was currently on a diplomatic visit to Ellaria. The stack of documents sent to Berynn and Ellumina had two separate sheaves, one for the Berynn king and the other for the Ellumian Council, in case one happened to be visiting the other.

When Aren and Co. delivered the documents to Ellaria, they also found the King of Berynn, Faizen. The Council handed the appropriate documents to Faizen, asking him to read them over. Quickly thumbing through the documents, he excused himself and apologized for needed to cut his visit short.

After arriving back at the Court, the King and his advisers reviewed the terms of the alliance with Zerua and agreed to aid them in their upcoming campaign. Berynn would provide both manpower and technological aid to Zerua in order to strike back at Ragnis for breaking the Hadin Mer.

Berynn currently has the majority of its manpower on the Plains of Valhas, where both sides of the conflict have arrived.


While Berynn is technologically advanced, their economy is not the strongest in Eleran; that honor goes to Drogosz. The scientists and academics often do not wish to go through the hassle of attempting to market their products. Most times, they will hand off their inventions or discoveries to one of several merchant guilds located in Berynn.

The main goal of Berynn is knowledge, not money. The people of Berynn stay because of their quest for knowledge and not for a large monetary gain. While this is true, the average wealth of Berynn is one of the highest in Eleran, seeing very little poverty and famine. Most members of Berynn are able to provide a means to survive and live a relatively wealthy life.


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