Not much is known about this mysterious figure clothed as a desert wanderer.

Taj first appeared to Ilysa and Co. in Valtir as they were leaving their meeting with the Council. He appeared in the night before a full rising moon, his silhouette standing in the alley menacingly. Immediately, he began to attack the party without reserve, quickly cutting through their defenses in a whirling dance of blades. Before being able to finish the party completely, the heir-apparent of Ragnis stepped in to stop the slaughter.

Their battle raged on for little over a minute as Jahal gained the upper hand against Taj. Jahal, after distracting Taj had yelled to the group to run away. Before being able to deal the finishing blow however, Taj quickly sprang away. He quickly ran up a wall and disappeared into the night to unknown whereabouts.

Taj made a second appearance in Eneria after the Breaking of the Hadin Mer. He appeared to Aren and Co. in order to stop Jahal, who was the war leader of the opposing faction, from killing them. Taj was not able to hold off Jahal for very long and lost the function of his left limb as a result of being hit by Tuvryn. Seeing that he was dangerously outmatched, he again slipped back into the shadows.


St. John’s Mind Sports Club. Link.


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