"War is the only forge to temper strength and will."



Jahal was born to the warrior nation of Ragnis. From a young age, Jahal had a powerful ambition for power and glory. He quickly rose within the ranks of several Academies, displaying a surprising aptitude for martial prowess. Jahal began his training at the age of 10 and completed his first apprenticeship by the age of 16. Since then, he has trained at several martial institutions, further refining his skill.

After gaining a strong core, Jahal joined the army of Ragnis for several years, gaining leadership and tactical knowledge. He began to make contacts and begin communications with the royal court. According to Ragnesian tradition, anyone may challenge the heir-apparent, doing so was a big spectacle and required approval of at least three Academy masters. By the age of 28, Jahal managed to challenge the previous heir-apparent, Rena, and win in a fair duel, granting him the title.


Jahal is a ruthless king. He believes that only the strong must survive and the weak should perish. He is ambitious and strong, truly believing that he is doing what is right for Ragnis. He believes that the peace has made his country weak. He will do anything and everything to make the country that he loves stronger, even if it means being the villain.


Jahal was first encountered in Valtir, where he passed on the news that King Salzen was dead. As the heir-apparent, Jahal went to Valtir to gain the favor of the Council before fully claiming the throne. It was an old formality, but one that he needed to follow in any case.

Upon succeeding the throne, Jahal made several drastic changes to the Ragnesian government system and the Army. Boys, when they reached the age of 16, were now forced to join the army for a period of no less than two years. Punishments were harsher. Numerous additional changes were made as well that were designed to harden the Ragnesian people.

It is not known how, but Jahal managed to kidnap both Adena and Roderick Arafel, the next in line to the throne of Zerua. He hanged them both and displayed them upon his wall for the world to see. Once a sufficient crowd had gathered, he gave a speech. He referred to the bravery and strength of Ragnis during the Great Wars. Ragnis was now only a shadow of its former self. He claims that Ragnis deserves better. He started the steps that would temper Ragnis in a fiery forge.

It is at this time that Jahal was believed to have found the sacred blade Tuvryn.

Jahal was later seen in Eneria, after about five to six months. His goal in Eneria was to coerce the city to join his cause. He had a force of about 100,000 strong marching on the city at the time. He gave the council an ultimatum: surrender the city, or Jahal would take it by force. After only a day of deliberation, they agreed to surrender the city to Jahal, keeping in mind that it would be safer to surrender than to stubbornly refuse.

In Eneria, Jahal again ran into Aren and Co.. Wanting to be rid of them, he forced Adelan to obey his commands to kill them. When Adelan failed, Jahal himself was about to step in to finish the work. At this point, the mysterious man from the desert shows up. He manages to stop Jahal from immediately killing the group and weakens Jahal enough. Jahal also manages to weaken Taj by severing the soul connection to his arm.

Weakened and exhausted, Jahal taunts the group by claiming to have killed Ilysa Farell. Fealan, not willing to stand for his taunts and injustice begins to charge at Jahal with the full fury of a Blood Leaf. Unfortunately, Jahal is able to summon Tuvryn just before Fealan can land a blow. Tuvryn kills Fealan instantly, destroying his soul. As his lifeless body drops to the ground, Jahal picks up Chrysaor and leaves the group, too exhausted to continue.

Not two weeks later, Jahal redirects his force of troops to instead march to Valtir, where he hopes to take the city as a strategic mounting point. He has currently amassed a large percentage of his troops on the Plains of Valhas, just outside the city gates of Valtir.


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