"The Blood Leaves protect. Always."


An honorable knight who stayed true to his ideals even unto death.



Fealan is the son of the famous General Gallen, known as one of the Four Great Generals of the current era. Although their skills are used rarely, they have displayed a certain proclivity for tactics. Fealan was raised with martial focus as a large part of his childhood. The son of the Great General, he was expected to know tactics and uphold the honor of the Blood Leaves.

Fealan was stronger than most, but not all. He joined the Order of the Blood Leaves, an Elven Order. He rose to his position as captain not because of his strength, but because of his compassion. Fealan always upheld the Emerald Way and never wavered.

One of his missions involved purifying an ancient temple that had long since been home to evil creatures who had defiled the area. Fealan was tasked to purify the temple alone. The battles were fierce, but Fealan barely managed to defeat every creature. As the last demon was destroyed, a light shone throughout the temple. The light coalesced in his hand and formed Chrysaor.


Always compared to his father, Fealan tried his best at everything he was set to. There were many times that he resented being the son of a famous military figure. However, there were never any ill will towards his father as a person. Fealan is a kind and gentle Elf who needs only enough strength to protect those he loves.

Fealan followed his own personal set of Honor Codes and those set forth by the Order of the Blood Leaves. He lived with honor, never wavering or faltering in his ideals.


Fealan was first seen as Aren and Co. arrived at Ellaria. He was on a vacation from his regular duties for two weeks. Having nothing better to do, Fealan offered to take the group around the city and help them get what they needed.

During their time together, the group found a series of murders occurring. The pattern of murders reflects a similar case that remained unsolved from over fifty years ago. Determined to close this case, Fealan asked for the help of his guests and of his protege, Seivra. Together, they investigated the murders and where able to find the location of the perpetrator, a small hut south of Ellaria.

As they arrived, the murdered stabbed himself in the chest and used his blood to finish the ritual he had been performing. The second he finished writing the seal, the air shimmered and a Glabrezu sprang out, shattering the hut in the process. What followed was a difficult and gruesome battle, but they were successful in stopping the demon. The demon was the one responsible for the murders, promising a wish if a mortal would do such heinous acts.

After the Elven Council made their decision, General Gallen asked Fealan to head to Eneria. He was receiving reports of increased trouble along the Drogosz border. He feared that a large scale battle may spring out soon; he wanted Fealan to prevent as many casualties as possible. He asks Aren and Co. if they wish to accompany him and they accept, much to Fealan’s joy.

Fealan notices that Aren’s sword was stranger than a normal sword would be. Lancas informs the group that the sword’s name is actually a historical sword spanning several myths and histories. The name is Nemesis. Fealan, remembering the name, warns Aren that the sword is dangerous. Great heroes have wielded it in the past, but at great personal cost. He warns Aren of the dangers of continuing to use Nemesis. He helps Aren find the sanctuary necessary to meditate on the sword.

Along their travels, Fealan teaches the company about military tactics and large scale warfare. He believes it is important for fighters to keep the big picture in mind. Fealan grows to develop a strong liking for the group, joking with them casually and occasionally teasing them.

Upon reaching Grenval, Fealan hears the news that Drogosz has agreed to join the Ragnis cause in their upcoming battles. This disheartens Fealan, but it was not entirely unexpected. Fealan attends a ball that was held with Aren as the star performer of the night. He danced with several ladies, and attracted the attention of many more.

Upon reaching Eneria, Fealan immediately sensed that something was off. The city was too quiet, under too much strain. After visiting several taverns, they determined that the tension was caused by the mingling of races in the city. The Dwarves and Humans were both on one side, while the Elves were left on the other. Fealan eventually learned that Jahal was here and was giving a speech to the Council.

Fealan grew angry with Jahal as he learned what he had done to Adena and Roderick. His anger continued to burn as Jahal presented his cowardly ultimatum to the Eneria Council, acting as an arrogant warlord all the while. After Jahal’s ultimatum, Fealan and the others met Jahal on the streets, close to nighttime. He was forced to fight Adelan as Jahal ordered Adelan to fight.

After the intervention by Taj, Jahal taunts Fealan and the others by calling them weak. He claims to have taken the head of Ilysa Farel as well, which was enough to set Fealan to a fiery rage. His honor demanded that he deliver retribution for Jahal’s dishonorable actions. Fealan began a charge, running at full speed towards Jahal. Fealan’s blade was a mere hair’s breadth away from striking Jahal in the heart before Fealan realized that he had been run straight through by Tuvryn. He barely had time to say his last words:

I-I failed, but at least I died with honor…

The healers at the chapter house of the Blood Leaves said that his soul had been severed from his body. It was impossible to revive him. Fealan died at the age of 137, relatively young for an Elf.


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