Captain Ahab

"Mark me, it's not a good bar unless someone loses a tooth!"



Not much is known about Captain Ahab. He rarely talks about his past. He began a merchant ship in the Zeruan province, transporting goods along the Sentinas river and sometimes on the coast of Eleran. Captain Ahab is a jolly, merry captain who looks upon his crew as his family. He would defend his crew and his ship with his life and not spare a second thought. His favorite kind of tavern is one where it is loud and there is always someone fighting.

Captain Ahab was first encountered by Aren and Co. as they were heading to Ellumina. They met the Captain and he agreed to take them as far as the border between Zerua and Ellumina, where the he would need to make port and return back to Etzel.

He was again seen in Grenval, shipping wine from Zerua to various parts of Eleran. The Captain agreed to have the company aboard his ship as he again set sail to Eneria.


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Captain Ahab

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