"What is the use of consciousness without free will?"



Adelan is a Construct that was forged in the fires and smithies of Drogosz. As soon as he was constructed, he was handed to Ragnis for use in their justice system. Ragnis had commissioned a set of Inevitables due to their overwhelming success rate in catching criminals. Adelan was originally designed a Kolyarut. Kolyarut are created in order to track down those who break agreements and pacts. However, Adelan was constructed differently. He was build with the express intent of overriding all ordinary functions of a Kolyarut.

He was created an anomaly and abomination. While he was put to use by Ragnis, he was shunned and ridiculed by his own kind when not on a mission. Adelan was subjected to perform various tasks for Ragnis far beyond the typical requirements of an Inevitable. He continued his work fervently, taking out his rage on his subjects.


Adelan is a sociable construct, more so than most of his type. He often engages his subjects in conversation before getting down to business. Being created differently, Adelan feels an intense hatred for his creator and also for his handler, who insists on sending him on missions that would be better suited for others.

He often philosophizes about life and souls to his targets. A common question of his is to ask, “Do you think that a nonliving creature can have a soul?” He spends much of his free time pondering life’s mysteries and his role as a construct. He is a caring individual who sometimes feels pity for those he is forced to bring to justice. He has relatively few friends amongst constructs, but has a select few human friends in Ragnis and abroad.


Adelan’s first failure came from his mission to retrieve Aren and Co. His job was to arrest them an send them back to the Ragnis justice system to be tried for crimes of regicide. Aren and Co. have been charged with aiding Ilysa Farell in poisoning the previous Ragnis monarch, King Salzen. Adelan located his newest targets at The White Whale, a tavern near the Sentinas River not far from Etzel.

He introduced himself to the group and chatted with them about his journey. As the topic grew closer to his mission, he asked the group to step outside to continue their discussion without harm to innocent lives. He informed the group that it was his job to take them into custody. Seeing their intention to fight, he flipped out his longsword on his arm. The battle between the group was almost evenly matched. However, Aren and Co. eventually gained the victory, leaving Adelan close to death. Just before he died however, Adelan was forced to retreat due to his previous commands.

He returned to Ragnis so that he could be repaired and upgraded. He came back in shame to his masters who treated him harshly for his failure. It is not known how or when Jahal contacted Adelan. The next time that Adelan was seen in Eneria, it appeared that Jahal had taken command of Adelan. In this encounter with the group, Adelan was again forced to fight against his will.

Unable to hold back, Adelan watched fearfully as his body refused to listen to the commands that he gave. He was forced again and again to attack the people he cared about, while Jahal watched intently. Again, Adelan had failed. He wished for death. Only death could save him from himself. And yet, it would not come. Jahal forced him to retreat again. He stayed with Jahal, keeping guard over him during his stay in Eneria.

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